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An Alternative Fashion Blog | An Alternative Fashion Blog. Sort of but not really.

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An Alternative Fashion Blog. Sort of but not really.

This week saw me start a temporary Blog.  It’s a blog instigated by my short creative residency with The Working Press archives. The Working Press was set up by working class artists in the 80s to support other working class artists and writers to get their work published. It led to a growth in knowledge of this area, books, zines, conferences and art considering class and issues of class at that time. I felt compelled to join the residency, firstly because  I’m really enjoying digging into archives in order to find sources of information or snippets of life and language that then instigate my own work and it’s development. Secondly, I am a working class woman, who probably lives in a middle-class lifestyle now, but wanted to consider some of the language and issues for me in terms of class identity, how i see myself, how it influences me and how this then influences my work.

I am coming across some interesting themes as I think about, read and discuss with people this issue of class identity… how relevant it is and to which people it is relevant. How fluid or beneficial it may be for some people, and how trapping it may be for others.

If you would like to read more take a look here

An Alternative Fashion Blog. Sort of but not really.

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