Arts Council Award Recipient 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2023″

Susan’s practice is making an enormous ongoing contribution on many levels to the local creative ecology of Aldershot, and this kind of sustained work is essential to ensuring different cultural perspectives are heard and valued in the area.

Bridget Floyer, Artistic Director for Ashcroft Arts Centre, Forest Arts Centre and West End Centre. Hampshire Cultural Trust 2022.

We interviewed Susan regarding her art practice and target audience as she continues to strengthen bridging the gap between the artworld and the general public. Susan achieves this not only by incorporating her BSL but also by creating a safe place where individuals and groups can feel trust and open an exchange that is often impossible. Inclusion is at the core of her art practice through carefully thought out engagements and knowledge and experience with her target audience.

Ema Mano Epps, Platform One Gallery, Wandsworth Common 2021

Woman Up! podcast – Curated by Susan Merrick in association with Desperate Art Wives and the Women’s Art Library at Goldsmiths College, this podcast features the work of feminist practitioners who are mothers and women, including transgender women. Merrick interviews artists, curators, academics, writers, activists, midwives, carers and more.

Woman Up! Podcast included in the ICA Daily Newsletter 7/05/2020 by Nydia Swaby

Front Image: Susan Merrick (Right) Interviewing Althea Greenan (left) for the Woman Up! Podcast. Image taken by Amy Dignam 2019

Background Image of Susan Merrick taken by Andy Clift with artistic direction from Lena Lenman 2021