Collaborative Performance

Touch Cells Performances with Barbara Touati-Evans as part of her ACE funded project Detangling the knots, investigating neuroscience and dementia through collaborative performance and film.

Won Best Creative Activity 2019 (Being Human Festival, John Hansard Gallery) for Performance 1, and Outstanding Live Performance award at the UoS Festival Digital Engagement | Pioneer Awards 2022 for Performance 3.

Video clip from Performance 3, March 2021 online performance featuring performers Barbara Touati-Evans, Susan Merrick and Akira Sileas on sound.

Unperforming 2016 and 2019 Participation in Louise Ashcroft’s unique events.

Practicing to Share 2019 – an R&D project investigating practice sharing with other Artists with limited time and resources. Image with Tanja Ostojic.

Misplaced Women, Berlin 2019 A project by Tanja Ostojic, performed by Susan Merrick

Takeovers with Desperate Artwives 2017-2019

Listen 1 2017 Work from a collaboration with Angela Alexander-Lloyd, Kunsthal 45, Dan Helder , The Netherlands

Motherhouse London – Collaborative work with Amy DIgnam and Dyana Gravina, created during the pilot residency by Procreate Project 2016