Woman Up Podcast Series, collaboration with Desperate Artwives, in association with Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths.

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Conversations with Aldershot

Ongoing project in collaboration with Candice Camacho and the CWA Collaboration Group 2020- 2022, collecting and sharing the experiences of lockdowns across Aldershot.

Conversations with the Shooting Wall Photo Series, Susan Merrick, 2020

Touch Cells 2019 Performance at the John Hansard Gallery with Barbara Touati-Evans as part of her ACE funded project Detangling the knots, investigating neuroscience and dementia through collaborative performance and film. Best Creative Activity 2019 (Being Human Festival)

Lilo in a Pond 2019 Performance to camera, part of the Laboratory of Dissent residency at Winchester School of Art 2019.

Clothing Exchange 2018-2019 A participatory installation that uses donated clothing to offer in exchange for verbal or physical interaction with audiences.

Conversations with Aldershot 2019 – an R&D project exploring social engagement in a local community and how artistic partnerships can open up hidden voices.

Practicing to Share 2019 – an R&D project investigating practice sharing with other Artists with limited time and resources. Image with Tanja Ostojic.

SAFE PLAY AREA 2019 A collaborative residency at Chapel Arts Studios in 2019 between Susan Merrick, Katherine Smith and Cherilyn Yeates.

Misplaced Women, Berlin 2019 A project by Tanja Ostojic, performed by Susan Merrick

Statements in Semaphore 2018 Six Month ACE funded Residency with Platform 1 Gallery

Film Works 2018 – link to youtube channel

Unperforming 2016 and 2019 Participation in Louise Ashcroft’s unique events.

Well, What Were You Wearing? 2017 A public performance as part of Hollaback London’s 17 days of creative action.

Takeovers with Desperate Artwives 2017-2019

Listen 1 2017 Work from a collaboration with Angela Alexander-Lloyd, Kunsthal 45, Dan Helder , The Netherlands

Statements in Semaphore 2017 ACE funded Residency with FiLiA

Non-Translations and Various titles 2017
A series of works exploring the power of Interpreters in their role (link to youtube channel SBM TV Productions)

Semaphore Alphabet 2016 A series of photographs taken of local Women and London based Artists creating a flexible installation exploring hiding messages about social issues

Statements in Semaphore 2016 A film – that instigated the project of the same name and much of my other work around making the invisible visible.

Motherhouse London – A pilot residency by Procreate Project 2016

Conversations in a Bucket 2016 and other works. These works were instigated during my MA at UCA. I was interested in talking to people and listening, to audiences outside of gallery spaces and uni life. These works were my initial investigations into social engagement