Performance to Camera/Photography

Conversations with the Shooting Wall Photo Series, Susan Merrick, 2020 exhibited in Inside Out, Sandham Memorial Chapel with CAS Artists.

Lilo in a Pond 2019 Performance to camera, part of the Laboratory of Dissent residency at Winchester School of Art 2019.

Well, What Were You Wearing? 2017 A public performance as part of Hollaback London’s 17 days of creative action.

Conversations in a Bucket 2016 and other works. Initial investigations into social engagement started during the artist’s MA at UCA Farnham.

Semaphore Alphabet 2016 A series of photographs taken by the artist of women signalling the semaphore alphabet. The women are a mixture of non artists and artists including two members of the Guerilla Girls. The photographs were then exhibited as messages in various public spaces.