Conversations in a bucket and other works

Conversations in a Bucket 2016 and other works that were became my initial exploration into social engagement

Conversations in a Bucket 2016 and other works that became my initial exploration into social engagement.

These works are mostly performative or photographic works in which I situate myself in a town or place known to me, that is distinctly NOT considered an Art space. These spaces have included my current home of Aldershot, the place I grew up, Hornsea (Nr Hull in East Yorshire) and various spots that I remembered from my childhood where people were present and who ‘may’ communicate with me. Mostly I was ignored, but at times the action provoked conversations that would not have been had otherwise. This work was an instigator to my interest in audiences, social engagement and how to create spaces for conversations.

During 2016 I was studying towards my first year of an MA Fine Art at UCA. I was very concerned about the distinct divides between the ‘art world’ that I was entering at 35 and the ‘real world’ of my life outside of this. There were also other divides that came into play, going to uni in Farnham, a place where many people looked down upon the town I live in with my family, Aldershot. It brought up many divides I have experienced in my life, class divides, status divides, divides because I have a northern accent and am ginger! I decided to explore how to talk to people about art, but also about other social issues. 

I have an old blog post that discusses how the ‘bucket’ came about and the process of this work here.