collaborations with barbara touati-evans

Two Women 2018 -
Two Women 2018 Filmed Performance 16m42s


During 2018 Barbara collaborated with me during two projects. My residency with Floating Island Gallery and then with my project Statements in Semaphore 2018. Our collaborations involve us combining and challenging each others practice, my performance and intervention work with Barbara’s soft wool sculptures. Barara increasibly wanted to attempt larger scale structures, and I wanted to get IN the sculptures. We found various spaces and places to try these performance installations out including workshops where the pieces created a sense of community, exhibitions which allowed audience participation, and also more considered performances where we were responding to social issues, themes of discussions and wider politics. We worked in a gallery space, office spaces, a car park and a shopping centre. Barbara’s careful and slow movements become connected with my quicker more impatient process, our arms and bodies entwine and the wool tangles, we are never left with the same web or pattern, a chaotic but also structured layering appears, and then disappears once the wool is cut and the work is reduced back to a ball of wool.

Two Women 2018 is a film of one of our performances that we have developed over some time. More information of it is here.