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Makeup Free Month Day 24: a mini panic about the kids!


I’m currently in my home town visiting my family and friends. I had a chat today with a friend from school and we chatted about the fact that most of the girls we knew wore makeup at school. Many of us applying it badly, so certainly wasn’t improving appearance- at least not with hindsight!

I’ve been considering how my children and especially my daughter will see makeup as they grow up. Some of that will come from what they see at home, some from any media they are exposed to, and a lot I am sure will come from friends, school, peer expectations and of course in terms of my daughter how she views herself as she gets older.

To be honest that’s a lot of pressure. And it’s only really a small issue in the whole child rearing responsibility! However if I can show her a little of how to accept herself, by accepting myself, and by accepting her. Then whether or not she chooses makeup, whether either of them choose to decorate their skin with tattoos, piercings, as long as they accept themselves or learn to accept themselves, and feel confident, then I shall be glad. And if they dont? Then they are within the normal spectrum of “teenager”, and I can empathise, and hopefully help them to find their way.

Although, who am I kidding. As a teenager I may be the last person they want to talk to, I’m sure that’s how I felt for at least a year!
But do you know what? They are only three and five. I shall instead calm the hell down and just enjoy the fact that currently if I read them stories, give them food and cuddle them. They are happy.

On a completely different note while I stop panicking about teenagers…

I thought I would also share some other paintings that I have found done with makeup!

Guinness world record- largest painting using makeup!

A girls face using makeup

Another artist using makeup for a painting on a smaller scale

And a self portrait I did myself last year using makeup 🙂

If you haven’t yet seen my Street Art video – Skin- please take a peek!

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