Makeup Free Month Day 25: Success and Suncream


I’m reading a book at the moment about women, business, goal setting, success etc. Some of it I have to take with a pinch of salt. Having had my very british upbringing it’s enthusiasm makes me giggle/raise my eyebrows at times. But some of the tips are good old common sense that are easy things to forget/good habits to break/make. However one line just jumped out at me!

“Looking and feeling great can have a direct impact on your earning potential. Women who are well groomed earn more, it’s a fact.” P167 “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” Denise Duffield-Thomas

So…. (Some?) people really believe this. She does go on to say thag it’s about confidence. And this I definitely see as true. But ‘well groomed’? And what does this mean?

I know my husband has commented that he rarely sees unshaven, stubbly faces in the men at higher levels where he works. That being well groomed is certainly part of looking/being or being seen to ‘look’ professional. So for women, what does this include? Hair and Clothing as with men… And makeup? I’m aware it often includes piercings and tattoos too. And weight?

I guess this really depends on what your work is, the culture of your workplace or profession. Can your confidence outweigh your appearance? I’d love to read more about this. Any links would be greatly appreciated!

On a personal note today we had some lovely sunshine and wind here on the coast. My freckles are coming out and my face feels a little overcooked! Which leads me to another product issue. Sun Cream! Who uses it? Who doesn’t? I have friends who do and don’t. Being a freckle-some redhead I’ve always been told to wear it. And when I haven’t I’ve occasionally burnt. Not something pleasant, it’s very painful and potentially according to some research increases my chance of skin cancer.

Application of sun cream however, depending what product you use, means using chemicals, and some other debates I’ve heard include the potential harm to your skin from using this too! Argh!! Bloody product debates. It’s easy to be sceptical about research, when often it’s done or funded by the product companies or their alternatives. But I know I DO burn, and I don’t want to, and I like being outside in the summer and having some sunshine. I guess I could wear long sleeves and hats as I often suggest my children do. But I love my dresses/shorts …. Even if it does often mean blinding people with the reflection of my bright white legs 😉

So… No answer, more questions and a slightly pink face today. Maybe I can see if those who produce gentle or homemade makeup also do some sun protection products or advice. Or some kind soul who reads this may respond…… Please?

Night night x

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