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Makeup Free Month Day 4: First Comments

Sat by my little home studio area x

Sat by my little home studio area x


So I thought I’d share a few comments that I’ve had so far from friends and family.

‘Wow, you’re brave! I just couldn’t do it! ‘ (this has been said by several female friends who I actually didn’t know wore much makeup anyway! Amazing how subtle it can be, and how much we do or don’t notice others wearing it).

‘Good for you’

‘You might not go back!’ And actually, I am quite excited by this. I believe I will always love the idea of painting my face for pleasure (as an artist) and decorating myself for special occasions…. But maybe I won’t feel like wearing makeup everyday any longer.

‘You look great without makeup and actually your skin looks better’. This was a surprise to me, although I do sometimes struggle to find a good balance with my products as I have dry skin so putting makeup on it often increases the dryness. Without my skin feels pretty good!

‘You are brave, I would have tinted my eyelashes’ I decided against doing this. Although maybe this would be my compromise if I stay mostly makeup free afterwards. I love opening my eyes a little with mascara, but to be honest it is a pain compared to the last few days of no makeup. I can rub my eyes, I’m not waking with a residual greyness around my eyes but I do still feel very self conscious about my fair eyes when I see my reflection.

I went with my son to a birthday party today and I found myself staring at people’s skin. There were a couple of my friends there with such creamy skin (and I know they don’t wear makeup). There was also a mum there that I did not know and she had a lot of makeup on (but it looked good) which I half stared at with jealousy, and half with interest!

On another note I do still need to drink more water, and less red wine than I have this weekend 😉 My skin gets very dry when I’m dehydrated and that does not help my confidence without makeup!

Have a good week x


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