A 2018 update!

3 impromptu Exhibitions in Aldershot 2017

I’ve been rather quiet on my blog, Apologies!

Here is a quick recap from the end of 2017/start of 2018!

After finishing my MA in September I then had a very busy few months including:

September: Spoke at the Nasty Women UK Conference in London.

September/October: the LADA DIY  14 workshops with Bridget Floyer – which were so much fun and our discussion topic ‘what does it mean to be artist in residence of a place?’ gave us a lot of food for thought.

October: Finalised and Exhibited work at Filiart 2017 – work that was the culmination of my residency project with FiLiA ‘Statements in Semaphore’.

November: Performed as part of Hollaback London 16 days of creative action.

December: DIYPicnic – introduced our DIY14 workshop outcomes at LADA.

– Reported on Statements in Semaphore 2017 and wrote a new proposal for ACE funding to take it forward into 2018 with Platform 1 Gallery.

January: Began a two month residency with Floating Island Gallery called Wharf Residency.

February: Exhibited work from Statements in Semaphore at ‘Holloway’ exhibition in Islington. An exhibtion responding to the closed site of Holloway and the women and men who have used it.

Regardless of the above list I feel a little like I have been in hibernation for a few months. I have taken time to really reflect on the work that I have done over the past couple of years and what I want to do with my practice. This year for me it is about that. Developing and reflecting on my art practice and what I want and can do with it/in it. What are my passions? What are the themes that drive me? the processes?

This is also what has driven the 2018 project proposal for Statements in Semaphore. I want to give myself the time and space to create, to collaborate and to consider my expected and unexpected audiences. I am committing myself this year to working with organisations and artists that will help challenge me in this. I want to continue to develop my work on power, gender, space and the languages/communications used in this on live streaming and how this can democratise live art, and what it’s limitations are? I will find collabrations and spaces that allow me to explore this but that also challenge me to think about these things in a different way, opening up dialogue which for me is key to my practice both in terms of process, context and in outcome.

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