Clothing Exchange: participatory installation

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‘Clothing Exchange’ is an interactive public installation that I have been developing over the past two years. The exchange began it’s life as part of my exhibitions ‘A SERIES OF EVENTS 1&2’ as part of my project Statements in Semaphore 2018. After working with women who were living in refuges I wanted to find a way to draw audiences into the gallery space I was inhabiting at Wandsworth Common train station. Second hand clothing is something I am often drawn to in my practice, and as many of the women that I worked with had left home without any clothing, it felt like a fitting context. A clothing exchange is also something that non-art audiences are familiar with, so it had the added benefit of engaging with a wider group of people, thus engaging in wider debates and conversations around the subject matter.

For this reason I have continued to develop the ‘Clothing Exchange’ and have now installed it successfully at five different events/venues as an interactive installation.

#1 A SERIES OF EVENTS #1 Platform 1 Gallery, Wandsworth Common, #2 A SERIES OF EVENTS #2 Princes Hall, Aldershot, #3 Desperate Artwives Exhibition ‘The M Word’, One Paved Court, Richmond, #4 Victoria Day – The West End Centre Stall, Aldershot #5 Woman House Revisited, Hackney, London