Lists, lists and more lists!



Since I started Uni in September I have surrounded myself in timetables and lists. It’s been the only way that it works and I get what needs to be done, done. Mostly.

My routine so far with Uni is to go in for my regular taught day (a Tuesday) and then go in one or two other days where necessary to fit in with school runs, work bookings and most essentially what I have coming up exhibition or timetable wise.

This week for example I have work bookings on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday so I am limited to two days at Uni. Fortunately I have been researching and filming over the past few weeks for a new piece or set of pieces and I already have something I want to try out for our ‘Review’ next week.

In the timetable we have a mixture of scheduled sessions over the terms. Almost a term in and I’ve managed to get my head around what’s expected at these! So just in case you were wondering….. we have:

peer dialogues (which may be group discussions or more formal lectures/seminars),

group critiques (where we talk about our current work in our group usually in our studios),

1-1 tutorials,

visiting tutor group sessions;

and critique/Reviews (where we are expected to present and test our work ‘out’ of the usual studio space). Alongside this we have other tutorials as we need them, technical support and the main bulk of the work is our own reading, research, responding, testing and development of our work and external practice. Shit. It’s full on, but it’s brilliant!

So, this is why I have lists.

A diary (paper because I like to scribble) to keep me on track with work, uni stuff and school. Plus my partner and I make sure between us we get to all the school stuff and don’t balls up with homework… Although I’ve still managed to do this …

A simple list of jobs at home that even the kids join in with.

A list of jobs for our house DIY (which I usually do as I’m the eager one with a drill and saw!).

A weekly list of ‘to do’ stuff for Uni as well as lists for applying for exhibitions, sponsorship and other external necessities! ……… and a good selection of alcohol and friends on hand to pick me up when I fall on my face from all the lists!

So far so good, except for yesterday when I told my eldest that Pluto was a moon for his space fact sheet…. MUST REMEMBER to actually check my “facts” before opening my mouth… Oops! Seriously, where did I get that from?