Makeup Free Month Day 6: What will I go back to?


So what will I return to? Makeup everyday? Makeup for special occasions?

And should I go back to the same cosmetics? Can I when I’m now so conscious …. Actually, now that I’m confused is a better way of putting it! I am now basically aware that I ‘don’t’ know what I’m putting on my skin.

Most of the products I use don’t have clear labels and if they do it’s a huge long stream of abbreviations that I am clueless about.

And if I try to look at the research it gets worse! Is skin a sponge or a barrier? Do these products protect the skin, soak in, change/damage the skin layers or break down the barrier protection? Or none of these?

Hmm I may start looking into gentle makeup products as I do like playing with makeup. Any tips or recommendations for gentle makeup/cosmetic/skin products please leave them in the comments part! There were some natural ranges discussed in Vogue a few months ago, but I haven’t yet dared to look up how much these cost. I will endeavour to do this over the next couple of weeks.

I’ve just been given another recipe for homemade oil (slightly more complex than my very basic olive oil scrub!). But it seems there is debate (as with everything) about the benefits/drawbacks of olive oil.
It’s here for anyone wanting to try it. I may be having a go later in the month.

From my doula colleague Carly Lewis:
“The calendula oil takes a lot of preparation and a little bit of love but I have had nothing but good feedback when I use it for massaging, in creams and in balms 🙂

1 litre of organic rapeseed/sunflower oil
1 litre bottle (amber glass) cleaned and sterilised
dried organic calendula flower (you don’t need too much of these, just a small pack)
1 litre clear glass wide mouthed jar with a sealed lid (can use clingfilm round and then screw on cap)
plastic funnel
organic muslin

Put as many of the flowers in to the clear glass jar as you can leaving air pockets, fill with the rapeseed/sunflower oil, seal the lid. Put on a window ledge in the sunlight and swirl once a day for 6 weeks. Line the funnel with the muslin and pour the oil through in to the amber glass jar. Make sure that you squeeze the muslin once the flowers and oil are emptied from the clear glass jar as they hold a lot of the goodness in.

Then just add the organic essential oils that you love. I keep my litre bottle in my fridge and pour in to smaller bottles adding the essential oils that take my mood at that time.”

I’m not suggesting that I’m going completely natural. But I am paying a bit more attention to what I put on my skin. With this in mind then making more careful cosmetic choices should be a part of this.

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