Resolved Work in Socially Engaged Practice

Unlike the title suggests this is not a post giving suggestions for What is considered Resolved Work for  Socially Engaged Practice…. it is instead my own question around how artists manage this?

Perhaps this will be my next essay…..

My practice is pretty varied, and it takes shape from the collaborations, situations, dialogue and scenarios that I either set up, place myself in or find myself in. These may be conversations with friends, strangers or fellow academics/artists. They may be performances that I instigate, or social events, perhaps workshops that I am setting up or residencies that I take part in. They may be social media conversations or channels that I join or again set up. The practice may begin with dialogue, have dialogue as part of it or all of it, or end with dialogue. The work may come from the dialogue or I may make it to create dialogue.

So when asked to ‘resolve’ this process I have to consider what space works. So far the spaces that seem to work well for me are unsurprisingly the informal. The spaces outside the galleries I’ve been showing in, the area people gather to smoke or drink, out back or round the bar. In front of other peoples work, in the street in my local town of Aldershot or where I grew up in Yorkshire. It is online, in groups or on youtube, on Facebook pages, instagram or twitter. The places where conversations happen.

So when considering how I will site myself for the final show of my MA…… I need to do some thinking.

I will spend some time looking at other artists who work in a similar way to me, look at how they show work/allow people to experience their practice………. wish me luck!