Statements in semaphore 2018 PArt 1

Platform 1 Residency 2018. During this residency (funded by Arts Council England) I was continuing my project Statements in Semaphore. This work involved me collaborating with two other Artists and creating safe workshop spaces for women who were survivors of domestic abuse. Towards the end of the residency I spent a period of time at the gallery full time and used this to consider the work that I had been doing through 10 individual and semi spontaneous actions in and around the train station where the gallery exists. The themes that I wanted to consider centered around ‘who hears us?’ and ‘who sees us?’. Using clothes from my other work developed in this time ‘Clothing Exchange’, as well as items brought to me and found in and around the station I performed actions that could be considered performances, sometimes participatory (with audience members joining in), sometimes interventions (placing pairs of shoes along the yellow line of the platform which commuters had to move around to get in and out of the train).

I also created three film pieces during this time, one of which was a VR installation for audiences. These films and their background can be found here.