Wednesday Wonderings #10

Wednesday Wonderings
Wednesday Wonderings

Good afternoon!

This week has been full of wonderful Art. I met with the lovely Eduard at I’klectik in London to make plans for the Music, Art and Passion on the 30th Jan. Its going to be such a fun evening and Eduard will make it so cosy for us all.

In the week running up to the gig I am going to be exhibiting some of my new work in I’klectik alongside some of my previous work, all inspired by The Glass Child. I wanted to go with this theme not only because we are doing this beautiful gig together, but because I am truly inspired by her music and lyrics. I can go from staring at a blank canvas to painting like crazy just by turning on one of her albums. I find that I am like this with any music that speaks to me, that I feel. When I connect with music I can feel the anger, the sadness, the joy, the power or strength, the love or sensuality of it. It’s this connection and these feelings that I then interpret onto the canvas or screen. I dance with the brush, with the colours. I sit back, listen again and let it go. It’s a beautiful feeling. Here is a sneak peek of one of the pieces that has grown this week.

Stay - watermarked

I have also had some lovely editorial work to do this week for The Mother Magazine. They have some really beautiful and raw poetry in this issue and I’ve created an illustration for this. Again, being able to connect with words and feelings makes my job so fantastic, and what I love about it.

I’ve also made another couple of lovely connections and am  jumping  (yep 34 yr old jumping!) with excitement about this year and what I have planned, and what may also be around the corner.

What’s around the corner for you? I hope it makes you smile.

Susan xx

I was recently given a beautiful and fun workbook to plan my Art goals for the next year.  Its been a really great tool to get me focused and make my goals feel achievable. If you are looking for something similar for your own business or project then click and have a look!

Beautiful Leonie Dawson Workbook