Weekly Wonderings #30 a new journey :)



Over the the past few years I have been on a journey, as cheesy as that sounds, it’s true. Life is always a journey, and I have always believed that it is largely what you make of it. How you respond to events in your life, choices available and opportunities that you see.

As I stepped more into the world of Art I made a conscious decision to start seeing more opportunities in Art. And I did. I have.

From tentatively showing my work on Facebook and to friends I became confident enough to start exhibiting and selling my work. This exposure led to the wonderful experiences I have had creating illustrations for books and cover, then magazines and even an animated music video! I have met some lovely people and learnt something new every single month and sometimes week or day! I have connected with musicians and other Artists, Illustrators, Editors, Publishers, a Director of Photography, people in fashion and so many more. And all because I chose to start getting my work on display and looking for opportunities.

I have had had so many doubts and wobbles along the way. Rejection being a part of the creative world as what people like and want from your work is so varied and subjective. But what has remained thought my whole life is a live for creating. This passion was reignited while I was pregnant for reasons known and unknown to me. It has simply been fuelled more and more the more I have created.

This all leads me to the month of June 2015. A very exciting month indeed. And also a month that made my jaw drop a bit (and my partners 😉 but in a good way!

I have been slowly building up my opportunities and practice in Art, sharing my ideas and trying different techniques to show my ideas and passions. But I had reached a point where I was unsure how some to make the next step. I wanted to be around other Artists, and I wanted some studio space. I wanted to try my hand at some different creative methods but with an experienced guide……. And to be honest I have craved some study in Art for a long time, but believed it to be out of my reach.

Just as I was becoming aware of these wishes, after the loss of my Father and a house move I met a new neighbour who just happened to be working at and studying at UCA. Doing an MA. Meeting with and talking to her not only made me see it could be possible to study again, but also really showed me the benefits of doing so. This was clarified immediately when she showed me the Summer Exhibition at the Uni. Walking around the campus, seeing and smelling the massive variety of workshops, studios, materials, equipment and exhibiting pieces was just amazing. I knew then that I HAD to go there. But again I had no idea that it was possible.

Fast forward to June and I got myself a meeting with the course director, took a mound of my Art and journals with me and a head full of ideas and found my next step. I was offered a place on the MA in Fine Art. It seems that not only my 13 yr old BA (hons) in Sociology was very relevant but the practice that I have been developing for myself over the past few years is exactly the kind of development that sets me in the right space for working on an MA. I am so excited I almost hugged everyone I saw as I left the meeting!

So I head into a summer with my children with a spring in my step, and a sketch book and ideas journal at my side. I am diving headlong into this world of Art. A mother, a woman, a wife, an artist, a feminist, a hippy who loves fashion, a music lover who loves classical, rock, indie, rave and everything in between. A newbie meditator, a sign language interpreter, a doula, a nature lover and pub/club lover….I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see where this takes me. The stabilisers are coming off and I am ready to freewheel down the hill, trusting in my balance and love of the ride and most importantly the love of my family and friends to guide me.

So here too begins a new blog journey.

A mature Art student….. Ha! The older woman in lectures who is so keen it is annoying. Yep, that will be me- so I may have to come up with some strategies about how to survive life as a ‘mature’ student. But I will love it and keep you up to date on my progress as I go! Also, I actually get an NUS Card again!!! Brilliant!

Keep your eyes open. You never know what opportunities may be there for you if you start looking.

much love

Susan x