What have I been up to?

Since March I have been fully focused on my project Statements in Semaphore (of which I am now exhibiting work at Platfrom 1 Gallery, and in October will take the exhibition to the Princes Hall in Aldershot.

During this time I have worked with amazing artists Barbara Touati-Evans, Melissa Mostyn and Ema Mano Epps. Together we have had playful sessions or scavenging, live action, making, talking, workshops, debriefs and so much more.

The result has been a lot of fun, some tears, some joy, a performance at the leydon Gallery, film work, a clothing exchange that I am running as part of the exhibition, attending an activism conference and more that I can’t remember!

I’m now loving being able to pull it all together and talk to people about what we’ve done, what we are doing and looking to the future to see where both my practice and the project can go next.

Much love