Conversations with aldershot: R&D Project 2019

Conversations with Aldershot 2019 onwards

Across 2019 I conducted a research and development project in my home town of Aldershot. This came out of my previous work Statements in Semaphore, where by I had for two years worked with organisations and artists to discover hidden voices and how to consider their visibility through art practice. I want to bring this work to my local town, Aldershot and spent 2019 looking at how I could do this meaningfully, who would want to be involved and which areas spoke the most to me and my practice. Alongside this I spent the time developing my own Art practice through a series of 1/2 days sessions with experienced Artists. These sessions took the form of experimental sessions, mentor style talks, reflective sessions and creative practice sharing. I called this series of sessions ‘Practicing to Share’.

The images above show some of the work that has happened in Aldershot through the 2019 R&D period as well as some of the work from Aldershot that came out of Statements in Semaphore.