Makeup Free Month Day 13: My 3 yr old role model.

imageMy priorities have been put into question a bit this month and today I realised that my 3 year old daughter has life right!

If she feels fed up, she gets cuddles. If I feel fed up I stomp about a bit. When she feels happy she dances, when I feel happy I want to dance but rarely do. She spends her time playing, scooting, biking, drawing and dancing. She loves to dance, asks us to watch and sometimes join her. She is so free!

Looks wise I stare at her (and her brother) admiringly. A lot. (Yes I’m their mum so I’m probably/definitely biased). My daughter’s hair is red, and set off by the most amazing creamy skin. She has huge eyes and a gorgeous pout. She wakes up and her hair just bounces into curls, some days she will have ‘just got out of bed’ tousled curls or she may let me run a wet hand through it which creates amazing ringlets, it rarely tangles and she doesn’t ever want anything doing to it.

If she wakes early, she starts playing, singing or chatting to her teddies. If we have to wake her she rubs her face and then grins asking if it’s breakfast time.

Getting dressed she decides what she wants and throws it together not caring in the least what may go well with what. An average combination is her strawberry dress, jeans cut into shorts, star leggings, pink fleece and wellies. If she senses I want to ‘dress’ her she will stare sternly at me and tell me she will not wear that, or simply put a fancy dress outfit over the top.

Some days I try to be like this. But not often. Mostly I’m led too much by how I look, what others may think (or what I think others may think) and trying to get too much ‘done’.

Along with going without makeup this month I will try to let go a bit more, wear wellies with dresses and certainly do a bit more spontaneous dancing. At least before the children are too embarrassed for me to do so anyway!

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