Makeup Free Month Day 16: Colours and comfort!


Today was another day where I felt very comfortable without my makeup. I saw a couple of friends, one of whom also chose to go makeup free today. I’ve been feeling quite comfortable in saying that I wont be returning to daily makeup. Well, most days anyway!

An additional benefit to this month is that I’ve become a little more aware of what clothing colours suit me. I don’t think I realised before how often I wore colours that really wash me out. Blues, greens and yellows seem to make my skin seem brighter, and I think I would often avoid these before. My favourite Mac is beige and I honestly look like I’m on my last legs when I’ve worn it this week. So… If anyone fancies giving me a new wardrobe to ‘compliment’ my new look… Then get in touch!

Tomorrow is my night out. And not at someone’s house which I have braved twice so far this month, but actually in pubs/bars. I generally get quite dressed up to ‘go out’, so I’m very interested to see how I feel going barefaced. Will I feel ok to dress up? Or will I be inclined to dress down with no makeup? I will report back tomorrow!

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