Makeup Free Month Day 27: bad skin day and ingredients


Bad skin today. A combination of not enough sleep (thanks to excited children who decide they only need a few hours when on holiday!), red wine last night (my excitement when on holiday) and the time in my cycle.

It’s a day when I would normally want makeup. So I feel like this is a good time to look more at the ingredients of the makeup I’ve been using for years…. Maybe to put me off a bit 😉

To do this I thought I could pop into a shop and look at the labels. Hmm not so easy. The boxes often don’t have ingredients on, and many bottles/containers currently seem to hold their ingredient list on the inside of there labels. Which you wouldn’t normally peel off until you had bought the product!

So… It seems easier to use the good old internet for the ingredient lists for each type of cosmetic product. However as I started to search and see the huge long lists of ingredients I realised that I’d not only potentially bore you all, but I was just replicating what we have available already! So here is a very thorough website where you can check not only the ingredients of your specific product but it also has it’s own ‘safety’ guide/rating.

I will start with their list of foundations, and if you click on one of them you can see what is in it.

I have asked another company specialising in homemade products to send me an ingredient list for their products. When I get it I will share it with you so we can do a comparison.

Ok. Off for water and sleep now- hopefully improving my skin for work tomorrow!

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