Wednesday Wonderings #1



I’d like to introduce my new weekly blog my Wednesday Wonderings.

I’ve wanted to have a regular blog for a while and thought I’d just bite the bullet. Some of you may have read my previous blog posts so you know some of my interests which include but are certainly not limited to Art, body image, cosmetics, vintage clothing and fashion, maternity care, maternal and paternal rights in maternity and feminism.

Here I will as the name suggests have a weekly wonder about anything that takes my fancy. I have loads of vintage and second hand clothes that I love putting into outfits and would love to start sharing these so this can also be my excuse to do so!

I take inspiration in my Art from the world around me and I will share with you the inspiration behind some of my pieces and projects old and new.

I can also let you in on my world of being a self taught, self employed Artist and the interesting and often eclectic mix of events and projects this entails.

Today I start with an image of me in an outfit that I’ve recently put together and love! It’s a second hand grey pleated dress that I’ve found with a salmon jumper. I like to have the odd floaty item whilst still being warm! This image I wanted to use for the new graphic I created which is shown on my homepage. I wanted something that had a vintage look whilst also retaining some modern elements and an element of indie that I’m always drawn to.


I am often inspired by what people wear as well as the people themselves. Clothes can often make a huge difference to a person, reflecting music tastes, cultures, religion, a sense of being different or fitting in, because they love the clothes or perhaps because they don’t care about what they wear at all. Clothes can sometimes affect or seem to affect how people hold themselves, how they speak or look around at the world. How they seem to fit or not fit and whether they want to.

Interestingly though I often sketch, draw or paint figures without clothing. Being inspired by but then taking away the layers to see the person below. Giving me the freedom to use the body alone to create the expression of an emotion or moment.

So on this sunny Wednesday, I shall leave you with my Wonderings for today. I hope to see you next week for more.

Keep wondering

Susan xxxx