Blog Post: Debut Animation is Music Video!

Click for My Debut Animation!!!!!!!! 

So last week saw the release of Charlotte Eriksson (The Glass child)’s third single of her amazing new album. Not only that but it was also the release of my debut animation as her official music video.

Three months ago I had never used any animating software, and even two months ago I had not started learning how. However, I have a passion for learning and taking on challenges in terms of Art. If I am inspired (as I always am with Charlotte’s music) then i know I can set my goals high.

At the start of September I sat at my computer with many many sketches that I had been creating after listening and learning the song ‘ Yesterday’. I listened, felt and danced to the song, literally as well as in my mind. This started the basis of my sketches for the animation which I then had to learn to put to the screen and make move!

I spent many many hours over the next few weeks teaching myself to understand the basic of action script and animation in Flash. With this and my  sketches I began the process of putting the art to the music and brought my figure slowly to life. At times I didn’t quite know what moves she would make next, which may sound absurd as I was creating and controlling her. However that’s how it felt. I really let myself be led by the music and where my own dance skills are limited I could make this figure move as the music suggested to me.

The thrill of seeing the animation come to life was exhilarating. At times of course also exhausting, managing my day to day demands alongside this however I have a patient family and I managed my time fairly well.

So now, a week on and the wonderful song and video is flying far and wide. I have had some beautiful feedback about the animation and the song is matching the wonderful album in terms of high praise. Charlotte, thank you for your trust and your voice. Two artists coming together in this way was and is truly magical.

I cant wait to embark on my net project and adventure in this wonderful world of Art!

Susan xx