Wednesday Wonderings #20 ‘Recycling and Art’

Wednesday Wonderings
Wednesday Wonderings


At several stages in my Art life people have reminded me of the importance of renewal and recycling in Art. Not only in terms of what I create but what I create upon or with.

This week has seen me take this idea by the horns again as I have taken two large used canvas and repainted them ready for a couple of new paintings. It definitely makes me feel good to know that this beautiful canvas has had a life already and will continue to be used.

My other new area of recycling and Art is coming in the form of recycled books. I can’t reveal much more yet but I’m hoping to submit to a wonderful exhibition in the next couple of months which will see me heading down the sculpture route!

I have spent over a month now doing a song a day in art, and it has been so inspirational. I feel this may go on a long time yet as I always have music in my mind! Don’t forget to pop your requests on my FB, Twitter or Instagram! My favourite images over the last week have been these two!image


Enjoy the the end of March and I will see you next week for April Fool’s Day!

Happy wonderings


P.S I am also now taking orders for my new range of prints from the original illustrations published in the beautiful and mindful book by Veronika Sophia Robinson, Cycle to the Moon. Please take a look at the images in the gallery on my homepage…. And here are a couple to whet your appetite! If you would like to order any simply send me an email or comment/message on FB. Xx

The menstrual Trinity (The wise crone heading) Watermarked low res
The Menstrual Trinity, published in Cycle to the Moon by Starflower Press
Sisters of the Moon watermarked low res
Sisters of the Moon, Published in Cycle to the Moon by Starflower Press
Finding our way home watermarked low res
Finding Our Way Home, Published in Cycle to the Moon by Starflower Press