Wednesday Wonderings #19 ‘Getting out there!’

Wednesday Wonderings
Wednesday Wonderings

Over the past year as my creativity has rocketed along with my opportunities. I have met a myriad of women, artists, entrepreneurs and people with ideas. In our conversations it has often come around to talking about how things started for each of us and what the journey has been like so far. For me, along with many others, the major element in our journey taking off has been ‘getting out there’. For me this was getting my work seen, on social media, in exhibition, by talking about it and making contact with people I believed would be interested in what I had to offer. If I had just sat down with my work still sat on my shelves waiting for people to find me, it would not have happened.

But ‘getting out there’ is bloody scary right? It opens us up to critique, to doubt, to fear, to embarrassment, to mistakes – (public ones!) and to disappointment… right? Well, yes, I’ve experienced all of those and still do, but it is so worth it when you look at what you also get. Challenges, self improvement, exposure to those who do love your work, contacts, clients, projects, inspiration, enthusiasm and opportunities galore!

Being self taught I often have to find out that certain materials or canvas are not so good or don’t do what I want them to do. I have to find people to show me things, I have to experiment, and spend longer on google and youtube than I prefer to! I have sought out the competitions and exhibitions to enter, the best advice for portfolios, websites, CVs and do you know what all of this has taught me? That in this too the most important thing is to ‘get out there’. Try it, send out your portfolio, enter competitions and exhibitions, buy new materials and try new ideas…. that way you learn. Each time I do something whether it works or not I learn. It is cataloged in my messy head for future reference so that I remember for next time. So that I can develop and also find my own way.

It’s a funny old thing this time we have called life. And I don’t intend to waste one bit of it. Do you?

Happy wonderings

Susan xxxxx


Photo 17-03-2015 07 20 12
‘Getting out there’ at Hubdot this week