Weekly Wonderings #24 -A bit of Visualisation

The Menstrual Mind watermarked and low res

When I was younger I mocked people who talked about ‘finding themselves’. Finding the assumption that we didnt know ourselves rather strange. Fast forward several, er er  years… and I no longer mock such phrases. I do however sometimes struggle with the language used in such topics, probably because I am not only British, but a Yorkshire lass!

However over the past year or so I’ve been trying to get back to regular yoga practice, have been using various affirmations and trying to give myself a better focus. And it’s been paying off. I feel better physically and mentally, and this means I can throw myself into both my art and family life thoroughly.Within this I have discovered the power of mediation and visualisation for daily life. Previously I’ve used visualisation during my pregnancies and my second labour, they are a great tool for calming down and focusing. In this recent return to such focus I have found that it is a great way to prepare for the day, and to keep stress free (or at least reduce stress when it bubbles up!).

So this is why my images this week have been three inspiration posters. These I believe are really useful tools with which to remind ourselves of wonderful affirmations in a beautiful way. Having them as posters means they can be placed on a wall or a desk, somewhere where they can be seen regularly and really help us to get into the mindset we are aiming for.

The first I did was in relation to birth. After having my own children I spent two years working as a birth doula, partnering with mothers and fathers to be through their pregnancies and births. This has led me to see first hand the power of affirmations and words on our minds and bodies.

Photo 04-05-2015 09 36 54


The next two posters are more general, for any of us who wish to have a visual tool for positive affirmations for life! I love creating these so I will add to these three over the next few weeks. I may also do one with some blank spaces allowing you to add your own affirmations of goals. Definitely useful if like me you struggle or have struggled with  ‘positive affirmations’ as you may find them here or elsewhere.

Photo 05-05-2015 17 47 53

Photo 06-05-2015 08 57 14


So I will leave you now to have a wonderful week, and lets see what the next 7 days bring!

Love Susan xx