Weekly Wonderings #23 New name and getting back to it!


For those of you who work for yourself you will understand the dilemmas that come when faced with illness and big changes!

We have had both over the past few weeks with a nasty virus taking over the whole family and starting our exciting new extension. What has come out of it however is a newfound focus for me. I don’t know about you but for me it sometimes takes a big shake up to refocus. As if the dust settling makes everything seem clearer. As has been the case this time.

I have cut back on some of the activities that were completely draining my time, and energy, for very little in return. This has allowed me to put my focus back to my art, illustration and family.

So I have used this new focus:)

I am so excited and proud that I have now become a member of the Association of Illustrators, a wonderful directory, community and resource site for some amazing artists.

I am collecting a load of gorgeous bits and pieces from my garden (a wonderful treasure trove of wire and wood!) and friends. These bits and pieces will make up the sculpture that I am making this month ready for exhibition. I will share photos of this as I create it….. As I figure out exactly how I’m going to do it!

I am working for the beautiful Mother magazine again this month and I have been contacted by two other gorgeous women with regards to creating some art for their projects in the near future.

It’s always so exciting to hear about new projects, whether with current or new clients. The excitement felt by those I work with is always palpable and I use this energy to fuel our ideas. Translating the visions and ideas of my clients into artwork that will work for them and their project, product or service is what I do best. Coming from an interpreting background I am able to do this automatically, understanding the meaning and purpose behind the images needed.

So, I leave you today buzzing in gentle excitement about the progress of our extension and my Art challenges this month.

Enjoy the sunshine if you have some and I will chat more next week! Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter on my homepage if you haven’t already. The April newsletter will be out in the next week and I hope to make another exciting artistic announcement. You can also still get your hands on two free e-books when you sign up! I don’t share your info with anyone else, so it won’t cause you to get spam!

much love

Susan xxxx