Weekly Wonderings #32 more about my meditating

*originally posted on FB 12/08/15

Weekly Wonderings #cant remember the number as I need more coffee

Today I’m just going to write here (On FB)  instead of on my blog…. A novel approach for me I know but here goes 🙂

Do any of you meditate? I did while pregnant (although I didn’t think of it as meditating at the time), and I’ve recently started every morning. It’s been an interesting thing to start, especially with a six year old and four year old in the house.

So the first few days of it (trying a 15 minute guided mediation), the calm thoughts and visualisations were interspersed with ‘……… Stop hitting your brother’…….. ‘Mummy, can I have breakfast now?’…. ‘Mummy, I need the toilet!’, ‘ mummy, why do you have your eyes closed… Mummy, mummy,MUMMY!’

The next few days I remembered that I might need to plan better so I told the children what I was doing, made sure they were fed and asked them to leave me until I came out of the room….,

This has been slightly more successful, especially when I conceded to some morning kids TV while I do it 😉
I’ve also found that as the weeks have gone on I’m able to stay in the meditation through noise and only come out of it if I have to …. ‘mummy! ……. The cat’s done a poo on the carpet!!!!!’

The benefits of meditation have started to show themselves a lot. It’s made me slow down a bit and acknowledge that this gives me more time to be more organised! I’ve also started doing 10 minutes of yoga a morning too and the children have started to just accept that this is part of their mum’s morning routine, and occasionally join in with me too.

I’m remembering to breath more, especially when pissed off about something. I’m starting to try and think more before responding to things….. Although I’m definitely better at this away from home than at home!!

More importantly for me (and yes a bit sappy) is it’s giving me time to be happy for what I have. Thinking of my family, friends and opportunities that I have and acknowledging them. It surprised me how much this makes the day start well.

In terms of my Art it gives me a little bit of time each day to think about my goals and plans, my ideas and what I’m working on. This is seriously making a difference as instead of panicking or being lost in what to do next, I make myself feel calm and just do what feels right. It’s also been a time when a flood of new ideas come to my brain and that always gets me excited.

It’s a good way to come out of a hangover, it helps me get to sleep and it gives me wings. Ok, so it doesn’t actually give me wings, but the rest is true!

Now I’m only a couple of Months into doing this so I’m still very new but if I can feel like this after just a few months then I reckon I’m onto something here. (Slightly behind several million other people I know but it’s not a race!).
There are tons of short meditations on YouTube so give it a try if you fancy and let me know how you get on!

Ta ta for now,

Susan xxx