Weekly Wonderings #33 week less than 4 weeks to go!

So I am less than four weeks away from starting my MA….. And I am bubbling with excitement.

I have hundreds of ideas that I need to explore, expand and probably throw in the bin too! But for now I am also filled with a load of sometimes stupid sometimes practical questions for myself!

do I need a new pencil case!? Can I let myself not care about what I wear/look like? What will the other students be like? Will they be fun? Serious? Far too cool to talk? Anyone else a mum? Will anyone else be covered in toothpaste, children’s snot and possibly be late from the school run? Will I cope with the critique? The pressure?

And mainly – Will I cope juggling work, home life and this amazing Art opportunity?

Well, to be fair to myself I have been doing this on my own for the past 4 years anyway, at different levels of intensity and for my own self development, wand interest as well as  completely wonderfully chaotic commissions and projects that others have asked of me! So I say… Bring it on!!!