Yellow Line and Other works

Yellow Line work 2018
Stay behind the yellow line 2017 Film 4m22s

The film above was made during my first residency at Platform 1 Gallery in 2017. I had spent time at the station where the gallery is situated and after listening to the same announcements about the yellow line being made hour after hour I wanted to simply walk it. In public spaces like train stations we are surrounded by imagery, signage and announcements for our safety, but also for our control. Where we should go, where we should not. When we should do things, when we should not. What we should do, what we should not.

Can the simple action of walking along a line give us some time to think about this? to challenge it?

This film was first exhibited during the MA Fine Art show in UCA Farnham, where it was projected onto the ground. I painted a yellow line using road marking paint coming away from the projection and leading the audience away from the work and out of the gallery space – perhaps asking them to consider where they should be going?

As an artist I love working in public spaces, these feel like the spaces that are meant to be worked in, not the sometimes sterile spaces of studios and galleries (which do also have their benefits!). As a feminist I also want to perpetuate the work of the artists in the 1970s who challenged the spaces that we as artists work in, that challenge who can access the work and the making process.