Makeup Free Month Day 10: Professionalism and makeup?

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Ok, I’ve realised that I’m not as calm about being makeup free as I thought. I have a few events coming up including tonight. I feel fine generally about not having makeup on, but I still feel less confident (a lot) about how I look!

Over the past week I’ve had a few conversations about what I’m doing. One of these led to my osteopath telling me that at 16, at her first job interview she was told she needed to wear makeup if she got the job. Really!

Now I think about it I’ve grown up with this idea too, that somehow to look professional I need to wear makeup. Was I told to? To be honest, I can’t remember. Surely not. But I’ve still grown up believing it of myself.

Strangely I don’t see it in others. I don’t judge my friends professionalism based on their makeup or lack of. But actually that’s not completely true. Although it doesn’t affect my judgement, when I meet new people professionally I am always aware if they have a lot of makeup on. I think somewhere in my lift I have absorbed information, perhaps even at school when learning about interviews that ‘a little makeup’ is right. Too much, is not professional and consequently none is also unprofessional? Was I really taught this at school or did someone give me this message?

I guess the main culprits for perpetuating this message are women like me… Bollocks. I LIKE makeup. I don’t want to feel guilty for wearing it. I just don’t want to feel like I HAVE to wear it.

It’s like my attitude to clothes. I wear a mix of styles. Sometimes look like a hippy earth mother, other times I will be more vintage, I’m not afraid to get out the track suit bottoms and my jeans and jumpers for comfort. I have work clothes, arty clothes, evening out clothes….. And I just want to be able to do the same with my makeup. Whilst also not worrying about what I’m putting on my skin!

This month without makeup is for me about raising a few questions and issues about cosmetics and why we or at least I use them. It’s also to see if I can change my habits and possibly my products.

As I already said I’ve had a mini panic about still being without makeup. So this weeks aim is to figure out hair and clothing that I do feel good in, so can worry less about the face. Also perhaps to look at some other oils/natural creams and balms that can make my skin feel good.

I have been recommended a brand called SUTI and was given a lovely little tester of facial oil. I will check the ingredients first, but they seem to just be oil based. I shall report back and photo the results! Today’s photo is of me ready to go out, trying to feel ‘done up’ without putting makeup on.

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