Makeup Free Month Day 19: Why the Street Art?


I’ve been asked on Twitter what I got out of doing the Street Art and what it was like as an experience. So I thought I would answer here.

To begin with, it was an opportunity to bring use my Art alongside a current social theme – skin product health and pregnancy. However, in talking about the project and doing the painting itself I discovered further questions about skin products, cosmetics and makeup for myself.

Whilst the film was edited I’ve changed what I use on my skin quite dramatically, stopping using any tanning products, bought moisturiser or soaps and turning instead to homemade scrubs and salt stick deodorants/essential oils. Then more recently, I decided to do this month of no makeup.

Through thinking and talking about skin and the products that we use I have become aware of what a huge area of debate this is. I have had so many discussions with men and women over the last few months about skin and chemicals, the consumerism and mass financial market of skin care products, our appearances, judgements and our health. It seemed so apt to bring this project to life.

So, the painting, my street art, I loved because I love painting and creating art.
I was anxious but proud to create with an audience.
I relished the challenge of creating using only cosmetics, and doing it in a short space of time (under 2 hours).
I felt excited to be asking a social question through my art.
And I’ve absolutely LOVED seeing Ashley bring it together as a video with The Glass Child’s music!

Oh and I’ve also been asked about the piece itself. My painting. I love painting women, strength, vulnerability, emotion. To do this in cosmetics was a challenge but the products actually worked really well and gave me a good range of colour and texture to work with.
The finished painting is currently sat in my home studio while I decide what to do with it!

I hope that answers the question somewhat 🙂