Makeup Free Month Day 21: A couple of cool resources!



Online I’ve found a couple of interesting resources. One is called the Makeup Museum.

The curator comes from an art history background and uses, reviews, collects, exhibits and talks about makeup and cosmetics, alongside art, beauty, feminism and much more. The aim of the website is to be a virtual museum, discussion place about makeup and to explore cosmetics as art objects.

As I have discussed earlier this month makeup seems to have been around for centuries, and cosmetics therefore can potentially play a huge role in social history, female history and art/fashion history. The site is really worth a look and her idea if eventually having the museum as a physical space really interests me.

The other site that I’ve found and want to explore more as I come to the end of my makeup free month, is

Star Khechara

Star discusses the links between what we eat and our skin, as well as having a plethora of information on natural or organic products.

As I head towards my final week I am thoroughly used to not putting on makeup in the morning now. My skin feels wonderful, it looks better, and I feel generally more confident without it. And there is a little bit more ‘I don’t care’ attitude too! I can’t hide when I’m tired without makeup, but to be honest in not sure how good a job my makeup did of that before!

I am excited however to throw away my old makeup (which is all old, probably past it’s best and definitely full of chemicals). I want to replace it with just a few good natural or gentle products if I can find them. Then for nights out I can still enjoy painting my face, creating characters or looks but feel better about what I put on my skin.

Someone already recommended a product by Benefit called benetint. It’s not chemical free but it is a simple product that can be used sparingly on lips and cheeks and potentially with nothing else.

I have to admit, scrolling through the benefit makeup list just then actually made me crave applying some makeup! How mad is that? So… I definitely miss the art side of makeup wearing. Let the hunt for some good makeup begin… And only for when I fancy!! Xxx

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