Makeup Free Month Day 31: Last day before I conclude!


So I’m here, my 31st day makeup free and the last day of my makeup free month. I’m going to round up properly tomorrow so I’ve just a few things to mention today.
I mentioned magazines a couple of days ago and then through my letterbox arrived Clique magazine . Within it was a great article from a natural makeup artist for celebrities. Katey Denno discusses why she tries to use mostly natural and organic products, how she uses them to create red carpet looks and what products she uses. One of the brands she uses that I’m very interested in coming out of my makeup free month is Burts Bees tinted lip balms. I like some of the Burts bees products already so I’m keen to have a look at their makeup range too.

I’m aware that I’m making it sound as though I’m rushing back to my makeup bag, albeit a more gentle one. However I don’t think that’s the case. Tomorrow when my month is completely up, I won’t be putting makeup on. I no longer feel the need to wear makeup everyday. I feel less self conscious about how I look without makeup. Actually I could go as far as to say I feel quite confident about how I look without makeup. I look like me. I look my age. I look tired when I’m tired and I can rub my eyes when I like.

However. I am excited about getting some new makeup products and trying them out for some evenings out/special occasions. I may find that I love the products so much that I want to put them on often. But if that’s the case it will be because of how they make my skin feel not because of feeling I need to hide something. I’ve realised that I love to create with makeup. On canvas as well as on my face!

Next week I have a party to go to. It’s a wedding party, where many of us are wearing our wedding dresses, I’m having my hair done (1920’s style) and I’m hopefully going to have my homemade makeup to use too. I can’t wait to try the makeup but also to play with my face a little. To give myself a little bit of art.

I’m also going to share with you a little unfinished makeup painting I did today which taught me two things.

1: I cannot film myself painting on my phone whilst painting. Which is why this is a still image.

2: I do not have any filming or editing skills at all 😉


So for the time being any cosmetic paintings that I create (while I use up my old products) will be shown to you as stills either here or on my Facebook page.

Tomorrow I will consider what I’ve experienced over the month and also mention some of the makeup related topics that I haven’t covered!

Night night from me x
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