Wednesday Wonderings #13 Contemplation

Wednesday Wonderings
Wednesday Wonderings


Today I sit contemplating and wondering. About what I have achieved and what I want to achieve. About amazing things that happen once you dream them and commit to them.

Last Friday was the most magical evening. For so many reasons: Because I got to meet and listen to the amazing Charlotte Eriksson (The Glass Child); because I got to create my art, with her, while she sang; because I has so many wonderful friends there to support me; because it was a beautiful venue; and most of all, because it was a dream that happened.

So as I sit and smile, and contemplate my dreams, I can start to decide the steps towards making my next dream come true. For me it starts with thoughts and feelings, words and pictures. I create some drawings or sketches, shadows of images and inspiration. As always for me it has to involve music, to inspire my ideas, to inspire my strength and spirit and often to inspire the actual dream!

This life in Art is so much fun, and so much chaos in my mind. I have to find time to calm the ideas and find a route to allow them to be set free. It would be easy to let them go, to allow the chaos to control me which would allow the chaos to reign supreme rather than the dreams. Or even worse, to let the chaos overwhelm me and to run from it, shutting down my creative mind. But part of this challenge of mine, this challenge of life is to acknowledge, welcome and love the chaos that exists. To rename it as inspiration, sensuality, power and Art. To find a song, or a tune or a colour or a word that leads me through the wonder that it is and lets me find the image or idea that I need, that Im looking for.

So take this piece of my mind, a little chaotic, a little dreamy, but mine. And take some time yourself to sit and wonder, to contemplate your dreams. To smile and be thankful for the dreams you have, and for the dreams you have achieved, and for whatever it is that makes you smile.

Happy Wondering

Susan xxxxxx

A little image link from Friday Night from the wonderful Ashley Meneely