Wednesday Wonderings #16 Passion for what we do…

Wednesday Wonderings
Wednesday Wonderings

I’ve recently spent time considering a comment I heard recently, that Mother’s cannot give everything to their Art. The reason given, that they give everything to their children so they cannot have another passion. This is part of a debate that has been going around for a very long time as far as I am aware, and there are mainly strong opinions on this.  The answer for to me is in each individual life and experience. For me, it’s just not something I have found to be true. I have found my best creativity and productivity since having my children, so much so that this is, wonderfully, my life and business now.

I am aware that there are times when I cannot just ‘go paint’. But when I do get the times and opportunity either planned or not I find I am hugely productive and it’s a huge thrill for me. My children too benefit from me being creative, we try things out together, we talk about Art and nature and beauty and texture and what these mean to us. I get to experience my life, with my little ones and my husband, and I also get to delve deep into my creativity and create using the experiences that I am having, living.

Now I’m not saying its all roses working or creating while having young children, but it certainly makes me plan well and prioritise. It’s also a huge benefit to be working for myself and setting my own schedules.

So I feel excited that I have this life of Art, creativity, of inner searching and of love and friendships, but also that I have this craziness called motherhood to throw in the mix.

Night Night for now

Susan xxxx

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P.P.S I have the pleasure of creating some more editorial illustration for The Mother Magazine again this month and I have added a couple more beautiful Magazines and Publishers to my list of clients for this year.